The creative process is nourished by influences from painting, sculpture, architectural movements with visceral aesthetics. Here the unique design of the ARO bag is inspired by a sculpture of Eduardo Chillida, also called the sculptor of the air, whose whole work is a journey of discovery in space. As a realist sculptor, his steel or concrete sculptures, although massive and monumental, suggest movement and tension. The sculpture is called « Eulogy on the Horizon, looking ahead to the future » and is 10 metres high, weighs 500 tons of massive concrete, and was edified 30 years ago on a hill over the Atlantic ocean in the city of Gijón, principality of Asturias, Spain. 

The ARO line is the result of his interpretation. 

Over the seasons the ARO line has extended in size, XS - S - M - L, from a small crossbody to a maxi shopping tote and colors… It wears either at hand, at shoulder or across the body. Last but not least, it is the nobility of the leather, raw, natural and living skin that is the additional added value of BONASTRE and its collections as well as the guarantee of the exclusive quality of its products.