BONASTRE stands for time taken to do things well.

In our experience, taking the time to craft slowly, with love, is the only way to achieve truly outstanding quality and create objects that last a lifetime.

Beginning with the creative process, which follows its own rhythm, BONASTRE designs only essentials, in its own time - free from the accelerated pace of fashion.

Our workshop is located in Ubrique, in the mountains of Southern Spain. Cradle of the age-old art of Andalusian Saddlery, it is home to generation upon generation of exceptional leather crafters. Today, it is one of Europe’s last, and most respected, hubs for the production of luxury leather goods.

To fulfill his sculptural vision and ensure the highest quality and durability of each design, Creative Director Fernando BONASTRE de CELIS and his team work closely with the artisans. In our workshop, each piece is handcrafted with care by the same artisan, from pattern cutting to assembly, a process which requires about twenty hours of careful work. Once assembled, each model is then meticulously checked and tested.

BONASTRE takes pride in perpetuating this ancestral savoir faire and stands committed to making such exceptional artistry available to many by practicing sensible pricing.