BONASTRE offers a collection of bags for urban and sophisticated women and men. The final style is radical in its purity, voluptuous in its volumes and nonchalant in its look, to serve only the ultimate and essential goal : its function. The Designer has an obsession that governs his creativity : mastering space. A bag is a volume, a nomadic space that holds our privacy. There is a permanent technical commitment and an essential architectural drive, where leather and construction interweave to give rhythm to the collections.


The creative process is instantly triggered in an alternative music or electronic rock atmosphere such as Radiohead, Kraftwerk and is nourished by influences from painting, sculpture, architectural movements with visceral aesthetics and icons with strong personalities. The utopian retrofuturist culture of the 60s, the minimalist fashion of the 90s and its iconic photographs, the contrast of modernity and tradition in Japan or even powerful personalities are all creative currents. In particular, the architectural movement of the 50s and 60s known as Brutalism constitutes one of the major inspirations. Similarly, the search for the essence of the Bauhaus school where « Form is induced by function », the russian constructivism of Naum Gabo, the minimalist works of the architect Tadao Ando or the colorama of Francis Bacon influence the vision of the final product.


Last but not least, it is the nobility of the leather, raw, natural and living skin that is the additional added value of BONASTRE and its collections as well as the guarantee of the exclusive quality of its products.