THE TADAO bags line


Fernando Bonastre is not only inspired by architecture for the design of his bags but also the specific process of their construction. A bag is a space, a nomadic space. To quote his favorite architect TADAO ANDO: « Thanks to geometrical rules, architecture becomes autonomous and acquires peace; thanks to the introduction into architecture of man's movements, it becomes movement itself ».


The very first design of this line, the « 24 HOURS » became a bestseller and has literally propelled the brand. Over the seasons, amongst the BONASTRE collections an iconic TADAO line has been created by declinating the volumes and colors, for Women’s or Men’s and this line remains timeless. This signature bag was the event showcase of Bon Marché  for christmas, the latest in a unisex shoulder strap version can be found at Matches Fashion and the very next in weekend version will be available in the coming days on Browns … and the designer wears the Shopping version every day!

A powerful strength emanates from this block of raw leather. A complete opening allows accessing the wide internal volume that is secured by an elegant zip fold, a leather tab and its metal clasp.