“The good star of the sky” - such is the literal translation of the last name of BONASTRE Founder and Creative Director, Fernando BONASTRE de CELIS.

Established on the day of a solar eclipse, BONASTRE has been following a good star ever since, birthing a collection of timeless leather essentials for the bold and sophisticated - those who, following a good star of their own, live beyond labels.
Leather essentials - not accessories - designed in the spirit of the Bauhaus: to fulfill their function first and foremost.

Anchored in the ancestral savoir faire of Spanish leather craft, inspired by the brute aesthetics of utopian modernist architecture, BONASTRE’s future-facing creations are made to carry, hold and protect that which is most precious, day after day, year after year. Handcrafted with love in our Spanish workshop, each piece is made to last.

With a quest for purity in each line, voluptuous volumes, the brand’s signature style shines constant, transcending the temporal.

The choice of leather, too, is of the essence - a guarantee of the highest quality, sensuous pleasure, and the durability of each piece. Aware of the environmental impacts associated with traditional leather tanning, BONASTRE has worked exclusively with vegetable tanned leather from its inception.