The creative process of the BONASTRE collections is always nourished by influences from environments, sculpture and architecture with visceral aesthetics.  

This season the volcanic force of LANZAROTE, an island in the Canary Islands, carries the collection into a mineral landscape, rough and black, of eruptions, chaotic textures, lava fields, exploded bubbles, fossilized rivers, canyons of ash against a backdrop of azure glowing with light and swept by the trade-winds.   

There, the monumental concrete or steel works of César Manrique, architect, painter and surrealist sculptor, defender of the nature of his native island, are like warriors and amazons watching over this extra-terrestrial, wild and living beauty with more than 1000 species of cacti.   

The collection is integrated into this AESTHETICS with bags like sculptures in mineral, vegetable and reptilian colours. Bags also are like modern shields symbolising the power of feminine energy and its intense aura.   It is also the nobility of the leather, raw, natural and living skin as well as the know-how of the leathergood artisans that are the added value of the collections and the guarantee of the exclusive quality of its products.