DESIGN WITH SOUND                                           We want to give music the role it deserves: the role of a muse. The muse who from the first sketch inspires and blows in the ear of the designer and induces its creativity. It is a contrasting sound in total synergy with the universe of the brand. The softness of Robert Smith guitar’s first riffs, or the ethereal flights of Loney Dear oppose KVB’s jerky and brutalist rhythms or even the unleashing of the batteries of the super cult « There There » by Radiohead. This is the very essence of BONASTRE which is brought to life in 17 timeless tracks. Either airy, visceral or contrasting, these music pieces guide Fernando Bonastre’s inspiration from the very first moment of a new creation.

We precisely want to share our universe of sound, or call it also an inspiration bubble, by posting this very first Bonastre playlist. Be them alternative, electro or timeless, these pieces are the ones it all begins with.