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BONASTRE is the result of a research of simplicity and aesthetism. The final style is radical in its purity, voluptuous in its volumes and nonchalant in its look, to serve only the ultimate and essential goal: its function..


The Designer has an obsession that governs his creativity: mastering space. Space is a luxury of our modern world. A bag is a volume, a nomadic space that holds our privacy..

PLastic Surgery

Vegetable Leather is a raw, natural and living material. it is an inspiration in 2D on which the Designer, just like a Surgeon, draws and imagines the contours of his creations.


There is a permanent technical commitment and an essential architectural drive, where leather and construction interweave to give rhythm to the collections…

The aesthetics of the architectural movement of the 50s and 60s known as BRUTALISM is one of the main inspirations.

Similarly, the search for the essence of the BAUHAUS movement where “Form follows function “, as well as Industrial Design, or the minimalist works of architects like Oscar Niemeyer and Tadao Ando influence the vision of the final product.


An Alternative Rock atmosphere leads the Designer into a “creative bubble” and gives rhythm to his imagination.

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the designer

Fernando BONASTRE de CELIS  is a Spaniard … but a Parisian at heart!

Parisian, alike his brand BONASTRE whose headquarters, boutique and showroom are in the core of the “Haut-Marais”, Paris 3.

He graduates from the University of Fashion in Madrid with a Master degree in Luxury brand Marketing.

He starts working in Paris at Lacroix Haute-Couture, then at Montana, where he discovers the work of Leather. Then simultaneously, he holds the positions of Designer, Image Director and Artistic Director in Women’s Ready-to-Wear.

While Fernando is looking for THE portfolio for his laptop, in vain, a question crosses his mind: “… and why not create it myself?”. The idea of a Brand was born …

He then creates his eponymous brand BONASTRE in 2011 of refined Vegetable-tanned Leather bags for Men and Women of an exclusive high-end manufacturing.