scarification étape 3


BONASTRE is launching an unprecedented leather handwork technique: 2D SCARIFICATION.

Along with the will of paying tribute to Craftmanship and traditional know-how, BONASTRE wants to give a specific added value to the brand and collections by developing an exclusive handcrafted technique.

The technique of scarification requires the talent of the best artisans.

The idea of 2D SCARIFICATION technique is coming from the Tribes ritual arts in Africa, South America and Oceania of ethnicity or passage to adulthood, when they make artistic motif on their skin by superficial incisions.

This is the first time that this technique was applied on leather bags and BONASTRE is proud to present the season’s designs and motif: a Japanese warrior mask, symbol of Bravery and Loyalty, a yin and yang Koi, symbol of Manliness and Love and a Dragon, symbol of Power and Spirituality.