BONASTRE respects the Planet !

BONASTRE takes pride in its ethical standpoint and is committed to an eco-responsible approach for each bag from design to production. The tanneries are European and the leathers come from the food industry.

Tanning is the process that saturates the hides, making the leather flexible, rot-resistant and suitable for use in leather goods. Nowadays, the leather industry uses a tanning chemical process using chromium, which is so polluting that it is a a real humanitarian and environmental disaster, both for the artisans and the world we live in.

Since its creation in 2011, BONASTRE has chosen to work with vegetable tanned hides, a traditional process based on vegetable tannins of mimosa, chestnut bark, oak bark or even its root, with an olive oil finish. Our workshop is also concerned about its environment : it uses renewable energies for its operation as well as water and starch-based manufacturing and finishing products for the well-being of its craftsmen. In echo, to perfect this ethical and responsible production, the linings of the bags are specifically made of recycled cotton.

A natural leather for a traditional and responsible leather designs emulating luxury.